PJ's and pizza, a 5e D&D sleepover

Quest Details




When? March the 16th starting at 2030 and going on throughout the night until we leave at 0900.

Where? Studio Megastar in Coventry, about 5 minutes from the train station in a taxi or a 20 minute walk.

We've got... An exciting game planned which may or may not include a Dragon at some point :p 

The Bard will be setting a music video task (which a dvd will be given to take home)  and rolling a natural 1  could result in a lap of the soft play.  A disguise will be provided and a mimic photo booth will decide your party fate. 



 Tickets are priced at £120 with a discount of 10% if you bring a friend and comes with everything thing you'll need to play Dungeons & Dragons including a Poly dice set from DnDice and an ATV folding dice tray.

Do come hungry, since we've got pizza arriving after we get settled and can open a bottle of wine or three and make the RP slightly less embarrassing.

The only thing you'll need to bring is a sleeping bag or a duvet to snuggle up in after we either defeat the final boss or revel in a TPK :D! Either way we'll have a great time.


Meet Your DMs


 Like most things, everything is better if there are more than 1. So you've got both Jo and Sophie running the game till the early morning.

Sophie has been playing D&D for 6 years and loves to write and create her own worlds to DM in. Her main quest is to bring Dungeons & Dragons to people who are close to her and share the game with anyone who is willing to play.

Jo runs A Travellers Venture and loves to run games for strangers at conventions. Along with being a firm believer in the rule of cool she is a descriptive story teller who loves to get completely involved.