Dungeons And Dragons Adventure in 17th Century Manor House

Adventuring Brief


A Traveller’s Venture is proud to announce its Christmas event this December. We’ll be hosting at the rather delightful Shelwick Court, just a mile outside of Hereford, on December the 3rd (Monday) until December the 7th (Friday) with 4 nights of Dungeons & Dragons, excellent food and plenty of dice rolling action. 

We'll be staying in a 17th Century Manor  House, know as Shelwick Court. It's delightfully authentic and has some real charm and will make for an awesome place to have 3 full day's of 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons together.

We'd be utterly delighted to have you along with us for the ride and invite you along to join us!

Previous Events

"With entertaining game play, wonderfully varied encounters and people I've connected with faster than ever before this event could only be described as fantastic." - Lumely Castle, 2018

"A brilliant event with great people in amazing venue. Looking forward to the next one." - Lumley Castle, 2018

Room Costs


We’ve a selection of fine rooms available, each is fully catered and includes your breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day along with everything you need to play Dungeons and Dragons for the entire stay. 

Single Room (1 left) - £550

Double Room, Single Occupancy (1 left) - £650

Double Room, Double Occupancy (1 left) - £900

Twin Room, Single Occupancy (1 left) - £650

Twin Room, Double Occupancy (1 left) - £900

To get your tickets either click "Get Tickets" below or you can pay via paypal instead if its easier. 

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch via facebook!

Refund Policy

Partial refunds are available after booking up to 30 days before the event (4th of November is the cut off), we’ll need to keep back 20% of the total cost to pay for things we’ll have already bought however. 


Adventure Timetable



Arrive at 7pm 

Friday leave by 9am 



Shelwick Court

Shelwick Green

Near Hereford



 Finding Shelwick Court By Public Transport 

Hereford Railway Station (1½ miles) is served by trains from London Paddington, Birmingham and Manchester. Buses run almost every hour (not Sundays) from Hereford to Leominster via Shelwick Green, passing close to the station.

By Road 

From the south, take the A49 into Hereford, crossing the river. At the large roundabout take the exit signposted Worcester and Tewkesbury. At the second set of traffic lights, turn left into Commercial Road (A465) signposted 'A4103 Worcester'. Pass Hereford railway station on the left, and carry on up Aylestone Hill for about 1½ miles to a roundabout. Do not turn left or right onto the A4103, but go straight over onto a minor road, towards Sutton St Nicholas and Bodenham. After about half a mile, pass under a bridge and then take the first right turn. Shelwick Court is then almost immediately on your left, through the gate. Closing the gate behind you, drive up to the right-hand side of the house. Please do not drive onto the lawn in front of the house. 

Contact Us

Joanne (Bear) Archer: atravellersventure@outlook.com

Meet The Host/Chef and DM


Joanne (Bear) Archer

Proud owner of A Travellers Venture who DMs and Plays.

Jo has built a welcoming friendly community within the world of Dungeons and Dragons and tabletop RPG and as such wanted to bring the community/Events to the real world. 

Jo will be cooking all the amazing themed foods you're going to be eating and hosting/organising the event. Basically the DMs Gofer! 

Grady Lawless

Dice connoisseur and veteran of a hundred campaigns, Grady has been playing D&D in some form since the late 90’s and only in the last 5 years did he step up to the DM seat. As the owner of DnDice, his day job finds him brewing up content for his customers (then later his players) to battle through. He runs a pretty deadly game but fully rewards the clever use of thinking outside the box and encourages roleplay to get the job done. 

You’ll need to excuse his poor Scottish accent that he likes to put on for every single inn keeper mind, we apologise for that in advance.



What is included in the cost of registration?

Four nights, with all food included. The first evening’s joint session getting to know your character and the DM and then about 2 and a half full days of play. The last day will be an Authentic Christmas dinner cooked by your host (you will have chance to tell us what makes Christmas dinner perfect for you.)

 What about Characters?  

Soon after buying your ticket, you'll be asked to adopt your character from a roster of pre-generated adventurers each complete with totally unique artwork and backstory. 

Once you have chosen your character, you'll then be given a bag of gold in which to spend at the A Travellers Venture's item store to customise your characters load out for the adventure to come.

 The character you adopt is entirely yours for life and no one else will be able to select that character in this event or any event we do in the future.  

I have specific allergies/ dietary requirement. Will these be catered for?

We should be able to cater for these. We will be sending out a survey before the event, it will have an option to inform us of any requirements and any foods you really hate.

Can I stay nearby and come just during the day to play?

Sorry, no. The rooms in the house come as part of the package.

How much experience playing D&D do I need?

Whilst previous experience of 5e and D&D is advised, it's not entirely necessary prior to buying a ticket. The DM is very experienced and will be able to assist with rules and the mechanics as we play. We do highly recommend learning the game before you arrive, however, so you can get the most out of the games.

As long as you know the difference between a Dex save and an Acrobatics check, and are willing to learn your abilities beforehand, then you should be fine.

Is there an age restriction on those who can play?

18+ for this event please as it will involve alcohol.

Do I have to play every session?

This is what you have signed up and paid for. It would be a shame to let your party down if you could not make it, but we understand that there are sometimes extenuating circumstances.

Will there be alcohol at this event?

A small amount of Alcohol will be provided by the host however please feel free to bring your own.