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St. George's Day One-Shot Adventure Writing Competition


A Traveller’s Venture and Kindle Hobby Shop 

are delighted to announce our 

St George’s Day (23rd April) One-Shot Writing Competition.

  1. Write a One-shot 5th Edition D&D adventure module.
  2. Submit it by close of play of 21th April.
  3. Our favourite few will be chosen by us, and published on 23rd April enabling all of you to play and vote on your favourites.
  4. A poll for your favourite will go up on 26th April and taken down on the 5th May..
  5. The winner will be announced shortly after.

The One-Shot must include dragon and a noble knight, and try and keep the spirit of the original story, although a spin on it is always appreciated (e.g. the noble knight is saved by the princess, the dragon is saved by the prince for the noble knight, etc...).
The adventure should take between two and six hours.

A Traveller’s Venture and Kindle Hobby Shop gain the right to use and publish the adventures to the public, but the author retains all other rights to the use of the adventure. However, publishing the adventure elsewhere before the end of the competition may disqualify you.

The winner will be awarded a physical copy of the Book of Lairs by Kobold Press.


Please e-mail entries to

Previous winners can be found here.

If  there are more than 20 entries, a second prize will be given for most  best portrayal of an intelligent dragon (I’m sick of dragons being seen  as dumb monsters).  

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